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Being physically healthy is hugely important. It can be the key to a long, fulfilling life. Having a healthy body means you are equipped to deal with the challenges of everyday life, fight off illnesses and function well, allowing you to do the things you want to do.
In order to achieve and maintain physical health, the body must be given the right nutrients, in a balanced diet, with regular exercise. An unhealthy body can mean an unhealthy lifestyle, resulting in constant tiredness, sluggishness and general apathy, which can spread to work, relationships and many other areas of life. Taking care of your physical health is an excellent first step to taking care of other areas of your life.

However, this is different for everyone, and often it can be hard to work out just what the body needs, and how much of it, to stay healthy and achieve the perfect balance. Too much of certain foods, such as fat and carbohydrates, have a bad effect on the body and can make you feel ill.  But depriving it of certain food groups can also lead to problems.
A nutritionist can provide a comprehensive diet and exercise plan adapted to your goals. From losing weight, to fitting in exercise around a busy lifestyle, to achieving a higher level of fitness, a nutritionist can help you achieve it, and most importantly, maintain it. They will also make sure that any changes implemented do not happen too quickly, allowing the body to adjust at every stage.

Motivation is often a stumbling block for those looking to improve physical well-being. Having a nutritionist means there’s always someone on hand to help provide encouragement and support.
Good physical health is something achievable by everyone, no matter what the starting point. With so much (often conflicting) information in these health-conscious times, a nutritionist can guide you in the right direction of what’s best for you.
Lesley Humphreys - SNHS (Dip) Nutrition
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